Skinner’s is a restaurant located in Lockport, Manitoba, about 20 minutes north of Winnipeg. You may have gone there for a hotdog and ice cream while fishing for catfish or viewing the historic St. Andrews Lock and Dam. Established in 1929, Skinner’s is known all over the province for its iconic diner theme and friendly service, and proudly stands as the oldest hotdog venue in Canada. Founded by the Skinner family, the original location has never moved, and a second restaurant was set up along highway 44 in Lockport in the late 1940s. Additionally, a third location was included in the creation of the Forks Market in 1989, but they were unexpectedly forced to close in 2019 along with other local businesses that were not seen as consistent with the new hipster vibe, causing some tension and backlash from loyal patrons. However, Skinner’s has continued to be a family favourite in Lockport, bringing customers from Winnipeg and surrounding areas out for a meal.

Skinner’s is best known for their “World Famous Hotdogs” and local diner theme, complete with red 1950s-style booths and functional jukebox. Some of you may also know about the Skinner’s Wet and Wild waterslides from the 1980s and 90s. They closed down in the early 2000s but are still a special part of Skinner’s history. Serving hotdogs, hamburgers, and fries, they also offer sundaes, banana splits, and hard and soft ice cream during the summer. As they are typically open from late March to early November each year, visitors often bring their sports cars for a cruise down River Road, then stop at Skinner’s to ‘refuel’ or take a break to enjoy the scenery.